Katie Couric Speaks Out On Canceling Clinton Interview: ‘It Was Over When She Called Him The N Word

Katie Couric has come out publicly and corroborated the story of a fired sound tech who clearly heard Hillary Clinton use the “N” word and refused to remain quiet.

Couric, who was in a conversation with Clinton during a commercial, was the only other witness to the hot mic gaffe.
After being casually asked how she was doing since the election, Clinton made reference to “that f*cking orange baboon” and referred to Barack Obama as “that n*gger Obama.” Couric was so offended she refused to continue.

Clinton was asked to leave but on the way out her goons stopped at the sound booth and confiscated all footage, both audio and video, from lead engineer Chuck Halstead.

Halstead said his sound guy, Myron Beetlethong, heard the entire conversation and recorded it but that only Katie herself could corroborate.
She did so this morning. Now Clinton will get to explain to the tens of millions of people who think she’s some champion for good how she could be so casually vulgar and racist.

Couric says Clinton won’t be welcome back at CBS anytime soon and that she’s sorry she voted for her. That’s a sentiment you hear a lot these days. Couric will speak about the incident on her show this Sunday at 10 AM.