Actor Jack Black: ‘Donald Trump Is A Horrible Man, Hillary Clinton Has To Make Him…’

Comic performer Jack Black has stated he would rather want “anybody” but not Donald Trump as the President of United States.

 Mr Trump, who has become the President of United States after beating Hillary Clinton, has started across the board shock with some of his more questionable arrangements, which incorporate building a divider to stop illegal migration from Mexico, and a short-term ban on Muslim settlers.

Talking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Black stated: “Haven’t you guys elected the most horrible choice? Well it happens.”

 “Listen, Trump’s is elected. But i have confidence in the democrats of the United States.”

 “Go ahead, Hillary. Or Bernie (Sanders). Do something about this horrible man.”

 Black, 46, conceded before the election that he was “energized” about the duel of Mr Trump against Mrs Clinton competing to be the following president.

 He also stated before the election: “Everybody wants to see that fight. But the entertainment level is so high, you’re playing with fire.”

 “Tell me you’re not going to tune into that debate. It’ll be fireworks baby. She’s going to take him down. She’s tough.”