Actor Richar Gere: ‘Donald Trump Is Like Mussolini And Just Idiots Could Support Someone Like…’

Lately, numerous Hollywood celebrities are talking about Donald Trump and his activity as a President. There are a few that are praising our leader but the rest are trying to spread hate with no reason.

Richard Gere has appeared to express his disgusting opinion about our leader:

“Here’s a person who’s clearly Mussolini,” says the performing artist and Hollywood A-lister Richard Gere about Donald Trump, who’s in London to bring alertness for homeless people with another film titled “Time Out of Mind.”

He’s been trabelling for a week — to Dublin and Glasgow, going by destitute asylums, meeting individuals in the city — and converses with a tormented exhaustion, just as Trump and his supporters were actually in charge of his jet lag.

“How is it possible that people would be supporting this guy? You can try to find reasons. It’s about how disillusioned they are, how afraid, how confused.”

“Trump is a demagogue, a clown — but people like clarity. Here’s this guy who says, ‘I’m going to fix this problem for you. It doesn’t matter how, I’ll just take care of it’. He’s finding villains everywhere and then telling people he’ll get rid of them,” Richard continued to compare our President as a dictator.

“We’ll get rid of the Jews, the blacks.Anyone that we perceive as a problem, we’ll get rid of. This is how it starts. Intelligent people aren’t seeing this — don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s just idiots who are backing Trump — this kind of thinking is a slippery slope,” he added.

This isn’t an unforeseen position from Gere, who has openly supported President Obama previously, and now says that “in general, indeed, my heart will always be with the Democratic campaign and Hillary Clinton”.

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