Actor Will Smith: ‘I Consider Donald Trump As A Fat Pig And Everyone That Supports Him Is…’

The polarizing impact of Donald Trump and his large number of incredible proclamations has hit Hollywood hard.

 Will Smith obviously can’t stand our President, so he stated really disgusting things about him: “For a man to be able to publicly refer to a woman as a fat pig, that makes me teary. And for people to applaud, that is absolutely f**king insanity to me,” an emotional Smith told while advancing Suicide Squad.

 “My grandmother would have smacked my teeth out of my head if I had referred to a woman as a fat pig. And I cannot understand how people can clap for that. It’s absolutely collective insanity,” he stated, shaking his head.

 “If one of my sons, I am getting furious just thinking about it, if one of my sons said that in a public place, they couldn’t even live in my house anymore.”

 Smith, as well as many U.S. residents, is in disbelief that Donald Trump has become a leader of our nation. He just couldn’t accept the fact that we have a true leader!

 “For me, where it counts in my heart, I trust that America won’t and we can’t support Donald Trump. Of all the things he has said, and we could go through the laundry list, that was the one that was such an absolute illustration of a darkness of his soul. I just cannot figure out how people can clap for that.”

 “How could you vote for this fat pig,” he added.

 This is over the top. Let’s boycott these Hollywood individuals.