Barack Obama Reemerges To Bash Trump – It IMMEDIATELY Backfires

In a recently issued motivational statement, aimed at his liberal followers, former President Barack Obama accidentally, but quite appropriately, praised President Trump.

It was in the summation of his statement that the blunder was made.

After many words about Leftists needing to stay strong and work against Trump during 2018, Obama focused on stories about people who changed the world in 2017. It was during this part of his statement that Obama emphasized how it was important for people to connect with others in order to energize them. Of course, we all know that this was exactly what Trump, a newcomer to politics who did not spend huge amounts of money on his campaign, like Clinton did, had done to win the 2016 Presidential election.

Obama went on to emphasize that just one person, speaking with conviction and optimism (Trump, anyone?) could change hearts and minds. The former President then went on to describe Trump’s effect on people by saying, “Those folks won’t just be convinced — they’ll be motivated to go out and spread the message that swayed them. They’ll be its best ambassadors.” Well, for once Obama was right, those people will be motivated to spread the message and to become ambassadors, just as many of us have become ambassadors for President Trump.

Obama then continues on, describing Trump and his supporters perfectly, saying, “And on it goes, one conversation at a time, until you’ve got yourself a movement. A movement that can change the world.” Well, very true. we do have a movement. A Make America Great Again movement which is well underway and doing great. We now have greatly needed tax reform and an economy and stock market that is going through the roof and making Americans richer every day!

Well, thank you, Barack Obama, we are glad that you appreciate the greatness of President Trump, even if you won’t come out and say it outright. We know what you mean, and we agree!