Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Moon Bat Whoopi Goldberg

Ben Shapiro wiped the floor with Whoopi Goldberg of ‘The View.’

He took issue with Goldberg idiotically comparing Trump to the Taliban.

“It turns out that not the Taliban,” Shapiro said. “He’s not in favor of honor killings. In fact, it’s to stop the Taliban from coming into the country that he’s implementing some of these immigration policies. That is the basic idea behind all of this. Donald Trump’s entire stated purpose, with regards to stopping an influx from places like Yemen and Somalia is because he doesn’t want the culture of certain areas of the world infiltrating the United States.”

He continued, “What he means by that is radical islam. It’s not a muslim ban, because radical islam and muslims aren’t the same thing. But it is an attempt to fight the infiltration of radical islam into the West. So no, Donald Trump is not like the Taliban.”

Shapiro then pinpointed the bigger-picture problem at hand.

He said, “The left cannot help themselves. They have to portray Trump as Satan more than Satan.”

The left is obsessed with taking down Trump. Instead of building out their own platform and coming up with inspiring policies, Democrats have become the party of obstruction. Their only real platform is resisting Donald Trump.

If the Democrats don’t get their act together soon, they will just keep losing elections. but hey, maybe that’s not such a bad thing!