Obama’s Ex-Girlfriend Leaks Explicit LOVE LETTERS from Barack

Wow. No wonder Alexandra McNear, a former love interest of Barack Obama’s in the 1980’s, decided to wed a Serbian boxer, rather than to be chained to a verbose, rambling quasi-intellectual who couldn’t stop talking about himself in his “love” letters to her (with love like that, who needs enemies?).

A recent report from the Daily Mail explains that a series of Obama’s love letters (if you can call them that–they mostly seem to be incoherent, self-centered ramblings), written to McNear while he was a very young man, have been made public and will be used in a book being written by Andra Gillispie, director of Emory University’s James Weldon Johnson Institute for the Study of Race and Difference.

According to Rosemary Magee, the Rose Library director, in the piece on the Daily Mail website, the letters tell of the, “… journey of a young man who is seeking meaning and purpose in life and direction… [Obama is] trying to find what his distinctive place would be both in that time and going forward.’

In the group of nine letters, Obama talks a lot about himself, explaining to McNear his ideas on race, whining about money issues (not a problem for him anymore, as he has completely raped the United States during the 8 painful years we endured under his rule), and his plans for a political future.

The Daily Mail article explained that, “McNear and Obama met at Occidental College in California and had a summer romance at the age of 20 in New York in 1981 when he transferred to Columbia to finish his studies.”

While McNear, who is now a mother of one, currently lives in a $2 million house in New York, she certainly missed out on the extreme wealth that Barack Obama has amassed for himself (while, supposedly, serving our country, though to many it seems more like he was helping himself to our country).

Those who want to attempt to read these painfully dull letters should probably approach the task with a strong drink in hand, and the cell phone out of site, since the urge to rant on social media will likely prove too strong to control.