Singer Patti Smith: Trump Makes Me Feel Tainted, I Can’t Contain My Rage And I Won’t Let Him To…’

Poet and singer Patti Smith is very disappointed by President Trump and his administration. She had this to say:

“I don’t know how people are even able to contain themselves and contain their rage,” Smith stated, “I always felt, even if I didn’t agree with whomever was our president, I felt that I could still walk tall wherever I want. I still was myself. But there’s something about this current administration where I feel tainted as a human being.”

Recently at the Whitney Museum in Manhattan, Smith and Salman Rushdie talked about Trump as well as many other topics like writing or painting.

They are both fans of liberalism and supported Hillary in the 2016 race. They also adore Manhattan and are huge fans of diverse works of art.

Both of them stated that the political events these days have made it much harder for them to concentrate, yet in addition it made them more determined. Rushdie stated that the main role for the artist is to “create beauty” and to “move beyond” since he’s “not sufficiently interesting.”

Smith stated that she saw her activity as keeping “an eye on everything,” in the event that if “we have to do something drastic” politically, and generally keep up a balanced presence.

“And I can’t let this guy (Trump), and what they’re doing, keep me from my inalienable right to do my work, to have some kind of joy in life,” she stated.