The Royal Wedding Is in JEOPARDY

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry–both who have openly said negative things about President Donald Trump–have been seen on many talk shows professing their great love for one another, and discussing their spring wedding plans. It has just been discovered that underneath all of that, Markle is not playing nice with the royal family, and everything might end before it even has a chance to really start.

To nobody’s surprise, Queen Elizabeth does not care for Markle for several reasons, including that she is a biracial woman who will be the first American divorcée to marry into the royal family in nearly 81 years. The Queen and has told Prince Harry exactly what she thinks he should do.

During the Christmas holiday, Markle reportedly made a “fake racism” scandal when Princess Michael of Kent wore a “Blackmoor” brooch that Markle found “horrendously racist.”

Princess Michael of Kent caught flak from Meghan Markle for wearing what she deemed a “racist brooch.”

That kind of disrespect doesn’t sit well with the Queen, nor does Markle’s blatant hatred of President Donald Trump. Markle has gone so far as to ban Trump from her wedding, and then insisted that Barack and Michelle Obama be invited. Of course, the Queen put a stop to the idea of the Obama’s attending the royal affair, but that has not eased the minds of many who are wondering if Markle is worth all the trouble.

The Royal Family adhere to strict rules, one of which is that you cannot voice your political opinion, regardless of what your true feelings are.
In light of these, and many more issues about Markle’s family life, the Queen has told Prince Harry that he must get a prenup, which Markle did not take kindly to.

Queen Elizabeth has a close relationship with Prince Harry

MSN reported, “The magazine (OK!) reports that Queen Elizabeth has seen ‘too many royal marriages end in divorce’ and doesn’t want her grandson to ‘take any chances with his reported $40 million fortune.’ That’s led to tension between the spouses-to-be.”

Love between Prince Harry and Markle has almost nothing to do with the Royal wedding. If the Royal Family objects, Prince Harry might as well cut his losses and get out of the relationship now.