BIG Democrat Just Hauled Out Of Disney World In Handcuffs Screaming ‘I Can Do Whatever I Want!’

When anyone part of or associated with the government is arrested, the media loves to drag it out into the open as long as it’s a Republican member of the government. If this story had happened to the wife of a notable GOP, like it did for this Dem, it would be breaking news on every mainstream media outlet. Analysts would be brought on shows to discuss why it’s so hard to be married to a conservative. In this case, only a small local news station out of Florida, where the incident took place, covered the story and it’s not a coincidence.
Disney World was certainly not the happiest place on earth for Amanda Soto, wife of  Democrat Congressman Darren Soto, who was hauled out of the park in handcuffs. A massive park full of children definitely isn’t a place for someone like her who was rightfully removed.
According to, Deputies said Amanda Soto, 33, her mother and her husband were visiting Disney Springs when an argument ensued between her and her mother, who also was allegedly intoxicated.
Amanda Soto told a deputy she was trying to call an Uber to take her family home because she could not drive, according to an arrest report. 
When the deputy helped Amanda Soto and her mother get into the Uber, Amanda began yelling at her mother, the Uber driver and the law enforcement officer, the report said. 
The report said that when the Uber driver asked where she was going, Amanda Soto cursed at the driver. 
The Uber driver refused the group service as Amanda Soto continued to scream profanities at the driver and at the deputy, according to the report. 
According to the arrest report, the deputy escorted the group out of the Uber and tried to calm Amanda Soto, who became increasingly upset, continued to scream profanities and began crying hysterically. 
Authorities said that despite the numerous number of times the deputy tried to calm Amanda Soto, she remained agitated and repeatedly said her husband is a congressman, therefore “She could do whatever she wants.” 
Darren Soto (D-Orlando), released the following statement regarding his wife’s arrest: “My wife, Amanda, has for years suffered from depression and been under medical care. In accordance with her treatment plan and under her doctor’s supervisor, she recently stopped using her medications. Yesterday, she drank too much and reached an argumentative state with a family member, which led to (her) arrest. She deeply regrets her actions and takes full responsibility for them.” 
Amanda Soto was released on bail Monday morning.
Congressman Soto’s wife Amanda really echoes the feelings of the Democratic party, “I can do whatever I want.” Seems like Hillary has made that same statement a few times. That sentiment has actually reached the highest levels of the left. They used the power to try and stop Trump from becoming president, by lies and scandal. Using secret FISA courts and paying for a fake dossier. It’s all part of the liberal mindset.
While Amanda Soto was just saying what she had heard so many times before, it paints a picture of the life she must lead inside the house of Democratic Congressman Darren Soto’s house. They are just used to doing and getting whatever it is they want.