Billionaire Trump Fan Is Sick Of The Charade – Drops MILLIONS To Finally Shut It All Down!

A huge Trump supporter recently decided that he is tired of what he’s seeing happen in the country all because of one massive industry who has abused their power. Now, he’s just made a major move to decimate it. Peter Theil, who is the founder of PayPal, and an openly gay Trump supporter understands how to make money and is everything liberals hate considering he supports our president despite his lifestyle. He’s in the perfect position to make the move he just did, considering that Forbes recently reported that his net worth is around 2.5 billion dollars and is the owner and developer of seven large companies.

He’s using his wealth where it’s definitely needed…just like his good friend Donald Trump has. It’s not about creating divisiveness in the country, like what rich liberals tend to do, it’s about preventing it, which starts with putting one huge group that promoted hate in this country out of business and it’s about time.

Thiel recently teamed up with Charlie Ebersol, the son of longtime NBC Sports executive Dick Ebersol and director of the 30 for 30 documentaries to form a new league.

According to Patriot Journal, It’s safe to say the NFL has had a rough couple of years. The once beloved league has faced tremendous backlash. All because it’s players have disrespected the flag.

Worse still, the league’s owners have refused to demand players stand for the Anthem. They’ve even given millions to the players’ union, who will spend the cash on social justice programs. Pathetic. (Keep in mind that was your money, if you support the NFL).

Now the NFL has another problem: competition. A major Trump supporter is throwing millions into a new league. One that will surely give the NFL a run for its money.

While it’s hard to believe that a new league would thrive, it might give way to pressuring the NFL to change some of its rules about kneeling for the national anthem. Theil is a guy that understands business and organizations. with this team of people, they just might have a chance at dethroning the NFL.