Flight Crew Refuses To Let Soldier On Plane, Told ‘Don’t Let Him On!’ – Glad He Didn’t 45Mins Later

There have been far too many news stories lately about poor treatment from airlines and the horrific ways that passengers have been treated. We have all seen the news stories of people being dragged off of airplanes for one reason or another.
Recently, one soldier was trying to get home before he had to leave for a 9-month tour in Kuwait when he experienced several travel issues which lead to a layover in Dallas. When he got to Dallas, which was his final layover, the flight staff would not let him board the plane after someone was screaming, “don’t let him on!”
He was so confused about why they would not let him on the plane to get to his final destination. Then he received a phone call that changed his life forever. His wife was giving birth at the time and he was able to watch the birth of his child.
It is great that the flight crew was aware of the situation and they didn’t want him to miss one second of it. It is definitely an experience that they will never forget.