KABOOM! Feisty Reba McEntire Just Took On Every Trump-Hating Liberal…And WON

Living in America today, the media and celebrities ambush the president on a daily basis. However, there is one woman who isn’t having any of that and is using her voice to remind us what America is all about. Reba McEntire is not new to country music, she has been around a long time but is risking her entire career to to put everyone in their place because someone needed to.
Many in the country music scene love and admire McEntire and now she just earned herself a lot more fans. She is an outspoken Christian woman who loves America but doesn’t love all of the negative things that she sees happening to our president and in our media.
Last year, in the song “Back to God,” McEntire claps back at those not supporting the President. She offers an old-school approach to how we need to be living, it starts on a bended knee.

Reba is a beautiful example of a woman that is passionate about her country and her God. It is definitely time for all American’s to reflect on what we become, and take simple steps to be correct it.