Trump Just Personally Saved Woman's Life And The Media Is Totally Silent Because Of Who She Is

The storm that is brewing in Washington D.C. swirls around President Trump’s past personal life. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller recently raided the office of President Trump’s personal Attorney, including the attorney’s personal residence and a hotel room where he stays on travel.
The purpose of the raid was to see who paid porn star, Stormy Daniels and track where the money came from. This was an alleged relationship that both the president and Daniels denied ever happened. Stormy has recanted her denial and is now talking openly about the alleged relationship. This relationship supposedly took place years ago.

The witch hunt on the president’s personal life has plagued him through his first year in office. He has been deemed a man that disrespects women and treats them as sex objects.
Recently, there has been a woman from the president’s past who has come forward to reveal details about their relationship. What she had to say could be the most eye-opening and revealing of all interviews to-date.

Political Insider writes, Tara Conner, a former Miss USA in 2006, praised President Trump for his actions a decade earlier when, as the owner of the pageant, he provided her with a life-saving, life-altering, second chance.
Conner found herself embroiled in scandal when she tested positive for cocaine and was caught drinking despite being underage that year.

Many at the time speculated that she would be stripped of her title, but Trump surprised everyone when he didn’t rush to judgment and expressed concern for Conner’s well-being instead.

“First and foremost he is concerned about Tara and wants to do what is best for her,” Trump’s office said at the time. “Then he will think about what is best for the very successful Miss USA pageant.”

When the decision came down, spectators were surprised once again, with Trump allowing her to retain the title of Miss USA provided she enter a drug rehab program. Conner feels that decision saved her life.

In a USA Today column in 2017, Conner explained what happened.

“I became famous as ‘Mess USA’ when my boss — now the president of the United States — tossed me into rehab after I tested positive for cocaine,” she wrote. “Rather than strip me of my crown or add to the negative press with a humiliation campaign, Donald Trump surprised me, and shocked the world, when he held a news conference and declared: ‘Tara is going to be given a second chance.’”

Conner went on to say that Trump had provided an example of how employers should try to help their employees involved in addiction.

“My boss set an example for employers to help folks who, like me, would not have been able to otherwise afford treatment or even know how and where to look for help,” she wrote. “It was 10 years ago that I got out of treatment, and I thank him for my 10 years of recovery.”

She said she was a microcosm of how the President wants to make America great again.

“I will always be profoundly grateful,” Conner added. “He saved my life and, essentially, made me great again.”

President Trump recently made headlines when he suggested drug kingpins could face the death penalty for their crimes.

If the president was a man who is constantly on the prowl like the left depicts him, why wouldn’t he have taken advantage of Conner. The president has more women in his cabinet than any other president in history. He believes in empowering great women to lead his government.

Former President Bill Clinton, who is celebrated by the left as a man who is was a great president. Really? His presidency was plagued by scandal, including luring a young intern into an affair that took place in the oval office.

It’s time that the storm in D.C. blows over and we let the president run the country, and continue to do the great things that he has done through his first year in office. He has demonstrated his willingness to work with, and empower women, let’s stop worrying about an affair that allegedly happened years ago.