Congressional Hearing Gets Heated, Democrats Move To Shield Peter Strzok

If you had the opportunity to catch anti-Trump “G-man” Peter Strzok giving his testimony to Congress, then you saw the chaos today. If you didn’t, you missed a circus-style performance by Democrats that would’ve made P.T. Barnum green with envy. 

Today, Congressional Democrats provided Americans with an up close and personal glimpse at their obstructionist attitudes. All their customary diversionary tactics were on full display in an effort to shield former FBI agent Peter Strzok from mean ole’ Republicans.

On Thursday, Strzok testified in an open hearing about anti-Trump texts he exchanged with mistress Lisa Page. Of course, Strzok set the tone from the beginning when he defended his hatred of Donald Trump as though it was his civic duty. 

“Like many people, I had and expressed personal political opinions during an extraordinary presidential election,” Strzok said in his opening statement. “Many contained expressions of concern for the security of our country and were expressed out of “deep patriotism.”

We didn’t know it’s a matter of patriotism and national security to refer to Trump supporters as “ignorant hillbillies,” did you?

Nevertheless, in his opening remarks, House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy highlighted Strzok’s “unusual and largely self-serving” definition of bias. Shortly after his statement the hearing descended into chaos.

Responding to Gowdy’s comments, Strzok said he didn’t “appreciate” how the chairman framed his actions. “I don’t give a damn what you appreciate, Agent Strzok,” the South Carolina Congressman replied. He then moved to address the reasons Strzok was there in the first place.

That’s when the real fireworks started.

In 2016, Strzok sent Page a text in which he said “we’ll stop” then-candidate Trump from becoming president. Referring to that text specifically, Gowdy asked him “how many witnesses” he interviewed before sending it.

To no surprise, Strzok refused to answer the question allegedly because FBI counsel instructed him not to answer questions about an ongoing investigation. Angered by his refusal to answer, House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte fired back.

“Mr. Strzok, you are under subpoena and required to answer the question,” he said.

Naturally, it didn’t take long for Congressional Democrats to run to Strzok’s defense. Which, after watching the whole debacle, seemed like the plan from the start. Rather than focusing on his bias against Trump, it was all Russia, Russia, Russia.

Fact is, Democrats have no intention of letting the truth come out. At least any more of the truth, that is. They will shield Peter Strzok, just like the FBI and DOJ shielded Hillary Clinton. They all have the same goal-ousting President Trump.

Too bad for them we aren’t ignorant hillbillies and the truth has already set us free. We’re so free in fact, that we’ll all be heading to the polls during the 2018 mid-terms and again in 2020 when we vote Trump in for four more years. Here’s to our cups overflowing with salty liberal tears.