Melania Has Had It – Her New Strategy With The Underway And They’re Not Happy [Opinion]

First Lady Melania Trump has been busy working on her Be Best campaign and other related duties as First Lady. However, many on the left have taken the opportunity to slam her work, her initiatives, and her position in order to attack her husband, President Trump. When a news outlet recently reported that President Trump and the First Lady got into an argument over her decision to watch CNN, the First Lady’s press department decided to finally lay down the law and what they gave is something nobody was prepared for.

Yahoo News reported,

“Melania Trump has freedom over her own remote control,” began a New York Times story earlier this week, which could have been mistaken for satire from “The Onion,” but was in fact real life. The story referred to a statement the first lady’s communications director Stephanie Grisham gave to CNN, proclaiming that Trump can watch “any channel she wants.” That was in response to an earlier Times report that President Donald Trump became enraged that his wife watched CNN, which he frequently calls “fake news.”

Grisham’s statement also sidestepped questions about that day’s major story, the president’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen releasing an audio tape of him and the then-presidential candidate discussing a payment to k**l a story of an alleged extramarital affair. She instructed reporters to instead focus on the first lady’s “Be Best” children’s initiatives, to which her husband has devoted little attention since becoming president.

The response on Wednesday was one of several recent examples in which the first lady appeared to take a page from the president’s media criticism playbook. Using similar rhetoric to that of her husband, she tweeted in May that “the media is working overtime speculating where I am,” referring to reports on how she had not appeared in public for nearly a month — unusual for a public figure such as the first lady.

After a Rose Garden launch event for Be Best this spring, Grisham released a lengthy statement accusing the “opposition media” of “baseless accusations towards the First Lady and her new initiatives,” and instructing reporters “to Be Best in their own professions.” The “baseless” news coverage? The pamphlet for the program contained language that was identical to text from an Obama administration booklet on cyberbullying and online security. Asked about the comparisons to the president, Grisham said that the East Wing has its own press strategy, and disputed that she only responds through criticism of the media.

“I put positive tweets/readouts/videos out constantly,” she wrote in an email. “In my opinion, the media chooses to cover the more salacious gossip or silly speculation in order to get headlines or clicks. To be honest, I wish they would cover more of her work on behalf of children, rather than some of the things they choose to focus on.” These critical responses to press coverage have occurred in tandem with Melania Trump’s gradual and at times rocky ascension to her position as first lady, often fraught with challenges and seen as arcane and sexist. According to scholars who have studied the communications strategies of first ladies, it’s yet another way in which Trump has taken a radically different approach to the role.

While it was common for previous first ladies and their staffs to push for positive news coverage, according to Myra Gutin, professor of communication at Rider University and author of The President’s Partner: The First Lady in the Twentieth Century, they were rarely “combative” with reporters, she said.”

The First Lady does not have a very large presence on social media. She instead chooses to post on a more conspicuous basis, which is entirely her choice. However, people have taken that as a negative and chosen to speculate as a result. But when the mainstream liberal media attacks the First Lady’s press department defends and everything they have said is entirely accurate. Instead of focusing on such tomfoolery and nonsense the media should be reporting on the social issues that the Be Best initiative is working on. Real work needs to be done to improve the lives of Americans and while the First lady is trying to bring attention to this the media refuses to focus. It is the absolutely correct decision for the press department in the East Wing to go on the defensive and tell the media exactly what is going on. Whether First Lady’s are ordinarily combative or not nobody can deny the fact that this First Lady has been punished enough and she deserves to have the right to defend herself.