Report: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded Al-Qaeda Terrorist Group

For the last two weeks, Democrats have insisted that President Trump is guilty of treason simply for seeking diplomatic compromises with our enemies. Today, we learned that the Obama administration was funding our enemies even more than we realized.

Since President Trump took office, we have discovered several misdeeds perpetrated by Barack Obama and his nefarious administration. The lies about Obamacare, allowing Hamas to traffic drugs in the U.S. bogus FISA warrants, and the list goes on. And on, and on, and on.

Now, thanks to a recently report from the Middle East Forum (MEF), we also know Obama and company funded an al-Qaeda linked terrorist group. They did it with taxpayer money and despite the groups designation as a terrorist organization more than a decade prior.

According to National Review, in 2004 the Office of Foreign Assets Control, a part of the Treasury Department, designated the Islamic Relief Agency (ISRA), as a terror-financing organization. They did so, because ISRA had direct connections to Osama bin Laden.

As it turns out, by the year 2000, the group had raised more than $5 million for bin Laden’s group Maktab al-Khidamat (MK), which ultimately gave life to the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

Now, we won’t bore you with all the history because frankly it’s irrelevant. The U.S. government declared ISRA off-limits, and they remain that way today. The important information in the report, is that the Obama administration approved an aid package for the group.

Per MEF, in May 2015, and in cooperation with Obama’s State Department, OFAC issued a license which permitted the transfer of $125,000 to ISRA. The transaction violated several government procedures, not to mention it funded terrorists.

Of course, it’s no secret that Obama vehemently opposed even the notion of Islamic extremism. In fact, he invited many people to the White House with known ties to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood. Even members of his Cabinet were thought to have significant ties to the group.

And who could forget the $400 million Iran airport drop-off? Or the two more planeloads of cash that brought the grand total of payments to the number one state-sponsor of terror to a staggering $1.3 billion? Oh, and there’s the secret banking permit the Obama administration issued to Iran which we found about in June.

Yet, even knowing all of this, we probably still don’t know the half of it. Either way, it’s clear the Obama administration had no interest in preserving or protecting America. Ironically, that’s the very definition of treason.

Question is, is someone going to hold them accountable for it?