Sanctuary Cities Suffer An Unpredicted Setback, And In A Very Liberal State

This goes to prove that the people in far left liberal states aren’t out of touch, only our elected officials are.

IJR Red is now reporting that an Oregon anti-illegal invasion activist group that is looking to curb illegal immigration in the state has managed to gather enough signatures to earn a spot on the ballot in the coming November election.

Stop Oregon Sanctuaries or (SOS) is the group responsible for this upcoming referendum and they were able to get over 110,000 signatures for its initiative. The group only needed to turn in 88,184 valid signatures. What a great day for the safety of the Citizens of the state of Oregon.

Via The Oregonian:

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“A ballot measure to repeal Oregon’s sanctuary state status will go before voters in November, the Secretary of State’s office confirmed Tuesday.

Initiative Petition 22 garnered 97,762 valid signatures, safely above the 88,184 needed to qualify for the Nov. 6 election.

If passed, the ballot measure would undo a 1987 law that prohibits the use of state and local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration standard.

Groups in support of Initiative Petition 22, such as Oregonians for Immigration Reform and Stop Oregon Sanctuaries, helped gather and submit 111,039 signatures by the July 6 deadline. The Federation for American Immigration Reform, a national organization, also backed the campaign.

Both Oregonians for Immigration Reform and the Federation for American Immigration Reform are listed as anti-immigrant hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Opponents of the referendum include Andrea Williams, the executive director of the immigrant rights organization Causa Oregon.

She’s helping lead Oregonians United Against Profiling, a group she said is working to raise awareness about the harms of repealing Oregon’s sanctuary state status.

The financial impacts of the three initiatives and the housing referral that will appear on the fall ballot proved difficult to predict for a state economist and finance staffers.

If Initiative Petition 22 passes, Williams said, law enforcement would be free to racially profile people on the streets, demanding documentation of legal status from anyone they think might be in the country illegally.

In a Tuesday news release, Oregonians United Against Profiling said Nike, Columbia Sportswear and the Portland Timbers and Thorns soccer teams have also come out against Initiative Petition 22.

“This ballot measure will ask voters to throw out the state law that protects all Oregonians, including immigrant Oregonians, from unfair racial profiling,” Williams said in the release. “We’re confident that Oregon values of fairness and looking out for our neighbors will prevail, and voters will say no to eliminating the law in November.”

According to The Oregonian, this new initiative targets the Oregon statute that forbids state law enforcement to do their duty and coordinate with ICE agents. Otherwise known as “Sanctuary State.” In a statement, SOS said this policy “rendered Oregon a ‘sanctuary’” and “gives illegal aliens yet another reason to settle in our state.”

The main concern and the reason this initiative was started by SOS is because of the safety of Oregonians. It pointed to Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez, an undocumented immigrant who had previously been deported six times. Osequera-Gonzales reportedly admitted to k*****g three people and injuring another in a s******g at a blueberry farm in June 2016.

Official statement from SOS:

Stop Oregon Sanctuaries is a citizen’s initiative to repeal Oregon’s Sanctuary State Statute. Read the complete text of ORS 181A.820 (the full text of the original statute is in italics).

Since 1987, Oregon Revised Statute 181A.820 has kept Oregon’s state and local law-enforcement agencies from offering their fullest cooperation to the U.S. authorities charged with identifying and detaining illegal aliens. In doing so, the law has effectively rendered Oregon a “sanctuary” state for foreigners here illegally.

Activists affiliated with Oregonians for Immigration Reform have filed Initiative Petition 22 with the Oregon Secretary of State’s Elections Division. IP 22’s goal: to place a measure onto the November 2018 statewide ballot that will give Oregonians the chance to repeal ORS 181A.820. To reach the ballot, the signatures of 88,184 registered Oregon voters are needed by July 2018.

Why does ORS 181A.820 need to be repealed? It undermines the rule of law generally and U.S. immigration law specifically. It thwarts the enforcement efforts of the courageous federal agents who serve on our national-security front lines. And it gives illegal aliens yet another reason to settle in our state.
Perhaps worst of all, ORS 181A.820 endangers innocent Americans. One high-profile example: In Woodburn last summer, Bonifacio Oseguera-Gonzalez, an illegal alien who had been deported six times, shot and k****d three people. ORS 181A.820 prohibits police and sheriffs’ “moneys, equipment or personnel” from being used to detect or apprehend illegal aliens. If not for that, before his murders Oseguera-Gonzalez, during a contact with an Oregon law-enforcement officer, might have been identified as an illegal alien, detained and removed from the country.

Illegal aliens can and do harm the American citizens to whom Oregon owes its foremost responsibility. For this reason, enforcement of U.S. immigration law is central to the duties of Oregon’s police departments and sheriff’s offices. Sign Initiative Petition 22 to help give Oregonians the chance to repeal ORS 181A.820 — and to free Oregon law enforcement to better protect Oregonians from criminal aliens.”

As President Trump pushed the issue to the forefront, comprehensive reforms passed through Congress, including the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act. Both the policy and Kate’s Law were drafted after Kate Steinle was shot and k****d in the sanctuary city of San Francisco by Jose Ines Garcia Zarat who is an Illegal Alien from Mexico who was deported five times before he murdered Steinle, He was tried for her m****r but the San Francisco jury acquitted him of m****r charges after his defense team argued that the g*n went off accidentally. He was only found guilty of illegally possessing a firearm as a felon and sentenced to time served.

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